Groenkloof Glen Retirement Village

R1 2019 HIG Groenkloof Retirement George Facilities Pottery

Groenkloof Glen Retirement Village has access to the Communal Facilities of Groenkloof George.  These areas include lounges, library, walkways, braai facilities and a restaurant.

All of the Groenkloof George Villages will also have access to the Groenkloof Hub.  The Groenkloof Hub is an area designated to keep residents active and involved.  The Groenkloof Hub consist of the following:

  • Gym with heated pool.
  • Coffee shop and kiosk.
  • Hall for ceremonies and events.
  • Workshops for woodwork and metalwork.
  • Pottery and home industry designated areas.
  • Activity rooms which will house needlework, bridge and other hobbies.
  • Storage garages
  • On-site security office
  • Offices and training centre