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Groenkloof George Office
044 810 0810

George Care Unit
044 810 0800

George Sub-Acute Unit
044 810 0098

Great Brak Care Unit
044 620 4016

Come visit us at Groenkloof and speak to our residents to gather first hand information from their experiences.

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Homeowner Associations


George, Rif, Glen HOA’s

Contact person: Denise Gerber
Landlines: 044 810 0805
Offices located:  Groenkloof Village Care Unit

Marietjie Visagie

Great Brak River HOA

Contact person:  Marietjie Visagie
Landlines:  044 620 3624

avatar Reebok HOA


Contact person:  Sue du Plessis
Landline:  044 620 4296

Woods HOA

Contact person: Amanda van der Walt
Mobile: 044 810 0810
Office located: Groenkloof Hub (offices)