Dementia is an illness that affects the brain. It is usually the brain of seniors that is affected, although it also occurs in younger people at times. Alzheimer’s is one of the causes of dementia.

Groenkloof is a member of Alzheimer’s South Africa and we support the organisation and utilise their experience and skills to develop client specific care plans for persons living with Alzheimer’s.

Residents suffering from dementia will, initially and periodically thereafter, be evaluated in order to assess whether the Care Unit is able to provide adequate care for the Resident.  In cases of advanced dementia, the Resident will be evaluated and if the outcome is that high-care will be needed then the Care Unit manager will calculate a private rate for the individual.

At this time Groenkloof does not have facilities to care for persons living with advanced Alzheimer’s and residents are transfered to niche facilities like Jura Care in George or Huis Elsje in Mossel Bay.

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