Care Services

Sub-Acute Care

First let’s answer the question, what is sub-acute care?

It is treatment or care in a registered care facility (approved by the Board of Healthcare Funders).  Sub-acute care is typically for an individual who undergoes an operation, hip or knee replacement, has a stroke, is in need of wound care, experience problems with heart failure, kidney failure, dehydration, lung disease, or has been diagnosed with pneumonia, bronchitis, Alzheimer’s or cancer.  The care is provided at lower than the hospital (acute) rates, with the permission and authorisation of your Medical Aid. The service fees of occupational-, speech- and physiotherapists may also be claimed from the medical aid, if pre-approved.  Admission to the Sub-Acute Unit is normally only allowed from a Hospital.

Our 24 hour nursing team assists you through recovery or rehabilitation, in a modern well-equipped facility, in a relaxed but professional atmosphere. All of the Frail Care services are included, however since we have to comply with sub-acute standards, the additional benefit and peace of mind to the end user is:

  • A resuscitation room, equipped with emergency equipment.
  • Quality of service and staff are inspected by Department of Health on a regular basis.

What are the costs involved?

  • With Medical Aid authorisation, your stay could be paid for in full.
  • Our tariffs are approved and authorised by ALL MEDICAL AIDS.

Sub-acute tariffs are much lower than a hospital, and early admission will ensure massive savings on your medical funds.