Care Services

We believe in being transparent regarding care services provided by the Care Unit to ensure all parties share the same expectations regarding the services delivered.

The Care Unit uses an evaluation form in order to objectively assess a resident’s state of health in order to determine the level of care needed.  An overview of the resident’s dependence and independence is, initially and periodically thereafter, evaluated.  This evaluation takes into account aspects such as medical history, mobility, personal hygiene, eating patterns, clothing, sight, hearing, treatments required, bathroom use, general health and the mental state of the resident. We then will suggest a Care Plan whether it is home based care, day-care services, assisted living care, frail care, high-care, sub-acute care or acute care.

The team performing various care services within the Care Unit consist of professional Nurses, Staff Nurses, Assistant Nurses and Carers.

Services are provided by Southern Healthcare (Pty) Ltd and Garden Route Healthcare (Pty) Ltd, independent operators providing excellent services to Groenkloof Residents.