The Groenkloof Woods Retirement Village

Groenkloof Woods are connected to Groenkloof George Care Unit via an underground tunnel which can be used as a walkway or for golf cars.   The physical link gives expression to the design that each village will form an integral part of the larger Groenkloof George development area.  Consequently, Groenkloof Woods has equal admission to Groenkloof George’s Care Unit and open areas.

The Groenkloof George Care Unit is the flagship of the Groenkloof group.  The care unit provides care for step down (rehabilitating) patients, frail care patients, assisted living residents as well as clinic and day-care visitors. Groenkloof Woods residents therefore pay a Care Unit levy to receive the benefits from the Groenkloof George Care Unit.  Benefit to the Groenkloof Woods resident include:

  • 24/7 Emergency medical response from the care unit.
  • Free clinic visits for basic medical services e.g. blood pressure and diabetic testing.
  • Availability of care services (Medication, Wound care, Bathing) at an additional cost.
  • Preferential discounted admittance to frail care.

The added benefit to be a resident of Groenkloof is that you will also have preferential access to our Groenkloof Great Brak River Care Unit, as needed.

Excellence in care is our vision – please  see our Care section to get information regarding our care approach, care facilities and services provided.