Frequently Asked Questions

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Groenkloof Retirement Villages, developed by Green Route Properties, showcases the expertise of an established property development company.

The developer’s unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for Groenkloof are evident through their ongoing ownership of all Life Right Houses and Assisted Living Apartments. This commitment fosters productive and harmonious partnerships among the developer, Homeowners’ Associations and Healthcare Operators, ensuring a thriving community atmosphere.

Care Units

Groenkloof is equipped with two Care Units, located in George and Great Brak River. Apart from the Care Units, Groenkloof Reebok, Great Brak River and George boast on-site health clinics. Additionally, Groenkloof George extends services to the public with a dedicated Rehabilitation and Sub-acute care Hospital. Groenkloof Great Brak River also offers step-down sub-acute recovery services, ensuring comprehensive care and support.

Recreational facilities

Groenkloof residents enjoy the convenience of on-site community facilities, engaging recreational activities, and events. At the heart of the community lies the Groenkloof Hub in George, which serves as a vibrant centre of activity. It features a lively Clubhouse with a restaurant and wine cellar, hosting regular recreation events. The Groenkloof Wellness and Aquatic Centre offer a well-equipped gym and heated pool for residents’ fitness and leisure activities. For those interested in creative pursuits, there are metal and woodwork workshops, as well as craft and art studios. The community hall serves as a versatile space for concerts, fresh produce markets, meetings and functions. Additionally, numerous social clubs gather at the Clubhouse, providing opportunities for residents to socialise and connect with like-minded individuals.

A Life Right Agreement is a contractual arrangement that allows retirees to acquire the right to reside in a home within a retirement village for the duration of their lives, while the developer maintains ownership of the unit. It is important to note that there are various types of Life Right Agreements available. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly comprehend the terms and conditions outlined in the Groenkloof Life Right Agreement. If you have any questions or require further clarification, do not hesitate to seek additional information.

What are the terms of the groenkloof life right agreement?

Groenkloof offers houses and Assisted Living Apartments for sale through a Life Right Agreement. The specific terms and conditions of this arrangement are explicitly stated in Life Right Agreement.

To provide clarity, here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Life Right arrangement:

How much of the life-right amount do i get back at the end of the life right?

Upon cancellation of the Life Right Agreement and at the successful resale of the property, 90% of the life right amount is disbursed to the estate of the Life Right Holder or as determined by the Life Right Holder. The remaining 10% is allocated as follows: Three percent to the Homeowners’ Association, three percent to the Care Unit, and four percent to the property owner. This distribution primarily covers property maintenance expenses, ensuring the upkeep of the residence.

What are the levies for a life-right unit?

In Groenkloof, both the full title owners and life right holders are subject to the same levies that apply in the respective villages. The total levy amount varies from household to household, based on the selection of optional services.

Detailed levy schedules for all villages can be obtained upon request. Groenkloof takes pride in its commitment to maintaining sustainable and affordable levies, striving to keep them as low as possible.

The term full title or own title ownership in Groenkloof denotes the complete transfer of ownership rights when acquiring a property. This encompasses both the physical building and the erf. The ownership is officially provided with a title deed as proof of ownership. With full title ownership, the individual assumes full responsibility for the property, including all aspects of maintenance and upkeep.

Groenkloof welcomes individuals above the age of fifty to take up permanent residency. Each house in the village allows for a maximum of two residents, as stipulated in both the Deed of Sale and the Life Right Agreement. Any deviation from this rule requires written permission from the Homeowners.

Our independent Senior Estate, Groenkloof Rif, is the only village where no age limitation applies.

Upon residing in Groenkloof, all residents automatically become members of the Homeowners’ Association. The Homeowners’ Association manages the common property and safeguards the collective interests of the village residents.

Groenkloof warmly embraces and promotes visits from friends and family members.

However, the duration of the allowed visits may vary in the different villages, ranging from one to three months. To determine the specific duration permitted, residents refer to the conduct rules. If there is a need for any deviation from the established rules, residents can approach the Homeowners’ Association.

The HOA Levy schedules for all the Groenkloof villages can be obtained upon request.

It is important to note that the levies vary among the different villages, and the total amount you will pay will be determined by the optional services you choose. This means that the levy amount may differ depending on the specific amenities and services you decide to utilise within your village.

You are welcome to contact us for more detailed account information for the village you are interested in.

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You are welcome to request the detailed levy schedules for the Care Units in George and Great Brak River.

Within Groenkloof, residents are privileged to receive a discounted tariff when they are admitted to the Care Unit. It is important to note that this discount does not apply to lessees or non-residents. However, lessees and non-residents may still apply for admission to the Care Units, subject to room availability, at private rates for the services provided.

The specific details regarding the Care Unit levies, benefits and services can be found in the Care Unit Admission Agreement. It is important to understand that the overall costs of care will depend on the specific type of care required by a resident. Different rates are applicable based on whether the care provided falls within or exceeds the established care norm.

Levies are collected specifically to cover expenses associated with the shared facilities and mutual interests of homeowners residing in Groenkloof village. Consequently, as expenses rise, the levies also increase. In order to maintain affordability, contributions from property resales are used to subsidise the levies, ensuring that any increases remain reasonable. Although levies at Groenkloof have no experienced excessive hikes, the financial condition of the community remains strong.

In cases where a property owner and their family face unfortunate circumstances and are unable to afford the levies, a potential solution to bridge this gap is available through Garden Route Property Solutions. They offer a reverse buy arrangement, which can help alleviate the financial burden on the homeowner.

Floor plans are available for properties across our villages. Please let us know which village you are interested in, and our team will guide you towards the available resale properties or unsold properties with pricelists in our new developments.

Although it may initially be challenging to let go of certain belongings when moving, our observation is that residents swiftly adapt and appreciate the benefits of a less cluttered and more manageable lifestyle. In many cases, children are eager and capable of taking over some of the surplus furniture, books, memorabilia, and other items, bringing them joy and further simplifying the transition.

The decision to move or not to move to a retirement village is an intensely private and personal choice. Facing the daunting task of packing up your familiar and comfortable family home to sell it for an unknown future in the retirement village is challenging. Add to this disagreements amongst family members about the move and stress levels easily shoot through the roof.

Yet, time and again we hear from residents that they wish they had made the move sooner in their lives.

Moving to a retirement village is often necessitated by a change in circumstances such as health considerations, security concerns or home maintenance and gardening responsibilities getting too much. It is worth considering that to move to a retirement village for health reasons later in life can be very traumatic, so it is advisable to move to a retirement village with this “extra” care service available.

Benefits of moving to a Groenkloof Retirement Village sooner rather than later:

Peace of mind - Living in a retirement village means peace of mind that you are in a secure environment where emergency and care facilities are immediately at hand, should you need it;

Enjoy access to our modern life style enhancing facilities – At Groenkloof the multiple life enhancing facilities include - the Groenkloof Wellness and Aquatic Centre with its gym and heated pool, our bustling restaurant and wine cellar, life style centres, braai and entertainment facilities, several workshops, studio’s, libraries, a beautiful scenic environment with unobstructed views of the Outeniqua mountains, walk ways across our villages along immaculate gardens and tranquil landscaped areas like Boschlaan provide ample opportunity to connect with others, grow your interests and enjoy a fulfilling retirement;

Living amongst like-minded people – Socialising with your peers and engaging in the many events and activities at Groenkloof means you will soon experience a sense of belonging and enjoy the comfort of a caring community;

Reduced responsibilities – At Groenkloof we aim to make the lives of residents easier by alleviating some of the daily obligations associated with homeownership. As a Life Right Holder you will receive one account. Gone are the days of struggling with services from your Local Authority, managing multiple accounts or having to deal with security concerns in and around your home. Gardening assistance is available to you if you love gardening while communal lawns and your home lawns are mowed by an HOA gardening contractor.

Yes, Groenkloof is pet friendly. We understand the value of pets as companions when we grow older. Conduct rules help administer the keeping of pets in Groenkloof. Here follows an excerpt from the Conduct rules about pets:

  • A resident shall be entitled to keep 1 (one) pet on their premises, provided that prior written permission has been obtained from the HOA. Residents must take note that the policy of the HOA shall throughout be to refuse permission concerning the keeping of a pet that is too large, aggressive, or noisy.
  • Pets must be on a leash when on any property other than the owner's property.
  • No kennel or other container for any pet kept by a resident may be visible from any place on the common property or neighbouring residential units.
  • The removal of any excrement left on the common Property must be removed by the owner concerned immediately.
  • The privilege to keep an animal on the premises can be withdrawn by the HOA if such an animal is a nuisance or if the requirements set out in the conduct rules (par. 4) is not met.