Care Services

Frail Care services

The Frail care service focuses on long term care of residents who cannot be properly cared for at home or in the assisted living apartments.  Even though the definition of frail is commonly “physically weak, fragile or delicate”, we experience that our Frail care is often a happy home for persons in need of less space and stuff in a safe, stimulating and caring environment.  This service provides peace of mind to residents, as well as family and friends.

Services provided mainly by nursing staff:

  1. 24 hour supervision and standard patient care.
  2. Admission, discharging, counselling of patients.
  3. Administering of medication: dispensing, overseeing and charting of medication.
  4. Handling of emergencies.
  5. Calling out of Physician and assisting Physician on site.
  6. Report writing and reporting.
  7. Evaluating of patients: observations, physical and mental evaluation.
  8. All nursing procedures (wound care, drawing of blood, inserting of catheter, removal of staples or stitches and tube feeding).
  9. Patient activities.
  10. Infection control.

Services mainly provided by Carers:

  1. Bed-wash or shower.
  2. Toilet rounds.
  3. Care relating to pressure points.
  4. Oral hygiene.
  5. Hand and foot care.
  6. Intake and output.
  7. Colostomy and catheter care.
  8. Mobilization of resident.
  9. Activities.
  10. Physical observation.

Care above the Care Norm:

Frail care residents that cannot be left alone for extended periods of time and requires additional direct care are considered high-care patients. Extra personnel are employed to cope with workload and an alternative high-care rate is negotiated with residents to compensate for additional expenditure of the Care Unit.