Care Services

At Home

Home based care services are offered to Groenkloof residents in the comfort of their own homes.  Our goal is to care for residents at their homes as long as possible.

Services provided at homes are offered at affordable rates and several of these services are performed free of charge at the Care Unit during clinic hours.  Typical services provided at homes are:

  1. Post-operative rehabilitative care.
  2. Administering of injections, removal of staples and stitches.
  3. Conducting observation for periods as required by the physician.
  4. Dispensing and administration of daily medication.
  5. Changing clothes in the mornings and/or evenings.
  6. Bed-wash, shower, dressing and making of the bed.
  7. Testing of urine, Haemoglobin and blood-sugar levels.
  8. Drawing of blood for testing.
  9. Catheter-care and catheterisation.

Services are provided at homes at pre-arranged times as agreed to the Care Unit manager.